Upload Multiple Files with this Multi-file Upload project using PHP

Get a load of this!  PHP File Uploader <=== These people want $3999 for this type of code!

Presenting an elegant AJAX solution to uploading Multiple files from a web page using a few jQuery plug-ins and PHP.

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A cool multi-file uploading web page is a bit of a holy-grail; when I started on this project it was a simple request from a client to have a web page that would upload a file, since you are here you probably know that the ability to send one file in PHP is no problem - it's text book stuff and the code is all over the internet.

Then my client  added the additional requirement of multiple files. Such began my quest, a quest that you may be on this very moment.

The first half of the problem is solved very nicely with a jQuery Plug-in called jQuery Multiple File Upload Plugin and another jQuery plug-in called simply jQuery Form Plugin - These are really great pieces of programming. But  what's not given is the PHP code to upload the files once they have been selected. That's where I can save your day, or two, or three, or more... I will provide you a working example of this industry secret for only $49.95!

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Order now and receive your zip file via email! Save yourself time. Complete working example includes the multi-file upload input form and my PHP multi-file upload code. Highly commented and easy to understand, includes all the bits and pieces so it  works right out of the box! Save time order now!

Multi-file-upload-PHP.zip only $49.95
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What is offered here is a simple working example that will work under PHP v.5.
This is intended for the do it yourself PHP programmer who wants to save time.

This code is intended as a starting point and it is NOT intended to be used as is for a live web site. Due to danger from hackers uploading rouge programs. If you are not a programmer please contact Ron Thompson 866-535-6305 for a quote on a custom installation of this project that fits your needs.


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